Engine diagnostic service is the best way to determine and work on the cause of many engine problems. Analysing the symptoms of the problem carefully, our trained mechanics can get to the route of the problem quickly. Once we’ve analysed the symptoms of the engine problems, both by talking to you and by looking into the engine ourselves, we can get to work on finding the best solution to the problem.

Engine diagnostics can speed up this process so that we can quickly work to fix the problem and get you back behind the wheel in no time. When engine fault lights are lit telling you your car is not running properly, Makinde Motors specialists can run diagnostic tests to source the issue. Engine fault lights won’t always be illuminated when cars have problems, but you can use diagnostics to check any ECUs, which will allow the cause of the problem to be detected, whether your engine makes a knocking sound, or power and performance is diminished.

Clearing code errors is a service that can be done by a diagnostics specialist, as can malfunction indicator lamps, by carrying out minor onboard computer adjustments negating the need to replace components, which makes fixing your car problem less costly.

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